About Us

…experience the benefits of SISCO, a benefit administration firm specializing in flexible services and innovative solutions for employers.

A Reputation for Excellence

SISCO was established in 1980 as a boutique third-party administrator dedicated to the administration of unique, complex plan designs. Today, SISCO is recognized as a premier third-party administrator, serving 600 employers and 300,000+ members from our Headquarters in Dubuque, IA.

A Broad Mission

To enhance the value of the employee benefits offered to your employees and Plan members.

  • Innovative Cost Control Solutions
  • High Quality, High Touch Customer Service
  • Integrated Medical Management and Wellness Services

A Different Approach

For the past decade, many Health Insurance Carriers and Payors have been quietly driving industry trends – the wrong direction! The result is a lower standard of prudent review and ever-increasing costs. Our strategy is to simply administer your Plan with the same care, diligence, and expertise we apply to our own benefit program.

  • Encourage frequent and direct communication between our Nurses and your members before, during, and after episodes of care.
  • Never automatically accept a benefit claim as accurate or reasonable.
  • Review, adjust, and fully adjudicate all claims where our expert staff may have the opportunity to add value.