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SISCO: Simplifying Benefits

The world of benefits has grown complicated, requiring brokers to vet several vendors, carriers, and payers in order to offer their clients competitive and reasonably priced health insurance options. SISCO understands the time intensive and laborious process this can be, which is why we have enlisted the help of our partners to offer brokers competitive, value added benefit packages with one point of contact: SISCO.

SISCO offers a range of coverages to select from to design a competitive benefit package. With network options from Cigna to regional health networks, and network alternatives like eLap, SISCO is able to offer competitive discounts regardless of geographic location. Once medical plans and network is confirmed, SISCO offers a host of dental, vision, life, disability, accident and critical illness options to enhance the value of the benefit plan. With our licensed call center, we are fully equipped to handle enrollment for all coverage types. Now your clients and their employees can call one number to serve all their benefit needs.

Just to further enhance the benefit plan, our claims examiners are equipped to adjudicate your claims across all coverage types. For example, your health care claim can be processed against your medical and critical illness plan. This flexibility results in enhanced savings and seamless service to our clients and their employees.

For more information about how SISCO can assist you, please contact Heather Harper at