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The SISCO Difference

While SISCO is an acronym for Self Insured Services Company, the past few years have seen SISCO evolve into a vast array of diversified services. Serving over 300,000 client employees, SISCO offers a full menu of services and has demonstrated success in the delivery of integrated enrollment and cost-control services.


At SISCO, we help our partners recruit and retain talent by controlling the cost and
complexity of employee benefits.

• For BROKERS, we remove the administrative burden by vetting and researching vendors to consolidate administration of benefit services under the SISCO umbrella.
• For EMPLOYERS, we offer a unified experience by serving as one point of contact for all benefit- related matters and providing one bill for all benefit-related services
• For EMPLOYEES, we deliver seamless service by providing answers to all benefit questions through one customer service representative.

At SISCO, our service model is a fundamental point of difference. We employ licensed client service representatives, rather than entry-level staff. This allows us to serve our clients with professionalism and industry knowledge.

While the majority of the industry has moved to auto adjudication and pay 90-92% of all claims as billed, SISCO believes that industry knowledge is the key to managing plan costs. That belief drives us to limit auto adjudication to no more than 25%. This practice of employing expertise and human curiosity to pay claims appropriately is another SISCO point of difference.

Providing a full menu of services requires a wide range of resources, and SISCO is equipped to meet our client needs. In our experience, flexibility and efficiency are imperative to serve client needs. SISCO interacts with several vendors to offer a variety of options to our clients and their brokers.

At SISCO, our goal is to keep it simple while providing a clearly improved outcome to our clients. Through expertise, integration, and attention to detail, SISCO helps our partners to control healthcare spend and maximize the value of employee benefit plans.