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The SisCo Approach to Subrogation

Subrogation is the term used to describe the right of an insurance plan to recoup settlement payments when other non-group medical expenses may be paid by other available insurance, such as auto or property policies. Subrogation payments may be recovered from the other party, an insurance company, a settlement or a court order.

SisCo understands the importance and financial impact subrogation efforts can have on a plan. That’s why we’re committed to managing subrogation efforts and delivering substantial results for our clients.

While most third-party administrators charge clients all of the anticipated charges prior to taking legal action, SisCo handles subrogation differently. We pursue legal action first, and only invoices applicable charges to our client when we verify that the liable third-party members can pay the subrogation claim.

The SisCo approach to subrogation delivers savings that are well above the industry standard. Because we handle all aspects of our clients’ plans and subrogation efforts in-house, SisCo saves each enrolled employee more than 300% of the industry average, while charging almost half of the average fee.

In addition, SisCo has an average subrogation recovery rate of 55%. That means for every dollar spent on claims, $0.55 is recovered through subrogation efforts.