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Preventative Care Coverage Expanded by IRS

For people with chronic conditions, having a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is often expensive. In 2004, the IRS defined a list of conditions and treatments that may be covered by
HDHPs before the minimum deductible is met in order to assist with the financial burden of the necessary treatment for chronic conditions. On July 17, the IRS released an expanded
list of chronic conditions and covered preventive care. With the expanded list, the specified treatments must be proven to greatly decrease the possibility of escalation of the chronic

For individuals with a High Deductible Health Plan that have not met the minimum yearly deductible, the following requirements must be met to qualify for benefits:

  • The individual is diagnosed with a chronic condition by a licensed doctor
  • The diagnosed chronic condition is on the list specified by the IRS
  • Evidence supports that specified treatment would largely prevent further escalation of the chronic condition

Click here for an expanded list of conditions and preventative care.