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Telehealth Considerations for COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to make a drastic impact on our daily lives. SISCO is here to help by communicating pertinent Health Plan information to ensure you are anticipating the forecasted needs of your members and making the necessary plan adjustments.

Previously, we shared options for covering the cost of testing and/or treatment of COVID-19. However, your members have other health care needs that will be impacted by the pandemic. While some plans already accommodate telemedicine, we recommend ensuring your plan addresses telehealth charges rendered by the physicians your members are currently using.

Physicians are limiting in-office consultations in an effort to discourage spread of infection and offering telemedicine services in place of in-office visits. Here are some recommendations for your consideration: 

  • If you plan to cover telehealth, you will want to include language for charges for telemedicine, including services delivered by telephone, computer, Internet consultations, or other technologies to your plan language.
  • If you offer multiple plans such as a traditional plan and a high deductible health plan, a decision needs to be made for each plan offered.
  • If your plan has a PPO network, you will need to determine if the changes will apply to both in-network and out-of-network providers. 

If you wish to make changes to your plan, please contact your account manager. If changes are requested, SISCO will draft an amendment for your review and signature.  No changes can be made to the plan documents or to the benefits administered (claims will be held) until a signature from an authorized representative of the company is received by SISCO.