Electronic Claims Payment

To better serve our partners, SISCO has partnered with Pay Plus Solutions (or PPS), an electronic payment and remittance program for the receipt of payment and remittance data that allow for the highest compatibility with most accounting systems. Some of the benefits of electronic payments and EOB’s are:

  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant systems and software
  • All payments are deposited directly into Provider accounts by UMB Bank, n.a., a FDIC insured depository
  • Providers receive payment faster – studies how payments are processed up to ten days faster
  • No checks are sent through the postal system where they can be lost or stolen
  • Providers can import payment data into their accounting systems for more accurate posting
  • Fewer checks being cleared can mean lower bank fees
  • Costs associated with handling paper, printing and postage are eliminated or reduced
  • Payment data is available for download in multiple formats (835, PDF, CSV, XML)

PPS offers providers the choice of three options for receiving electronic payments, two of which post payments via MasterCard and one through Pay-Plus Solutions’ private network. Until fully mandated by the PPACA, providers will have the option to “opt-out” of electronic payment and receive paper checks.

For more information about PPS, please visit their website at www.ppsonline.com.