SISCO's broad range of expertise and flexible admin options help you develop and deliver the benefit programs that are right for your clients.


One Partner, One Solution


SISCO is a leading provider in health plan management and third-party administration to help your clients achieve their goals. We consistently outperform our peers by continually finding new, innovative ways to control rising healthcare costs and help our clients and their employees maximize the value of their benefit plan. 


Our integrated approach means you and your clients have one point of contact for all of your needs.  One invoice, one account manager, one renewal -  for all employee benefits. This integration enhances the value of the benefits offered by your clients. 


We focus on three key values to help you and your clients achieve better results.



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3 Key Values




Reduce Costs

 Achieve the results you and your clients are looking for through creative and flexible spending strategies such as Self-Funded Benefits, Level-Funded Options, Network Optimization Analysis, Reference-Based Pricing, Reimbursement Accounts, Consumer Driven Health Plans, and In-House Experts.



Achieve Client Objectives

SISCO's broad range of expertise and flexible admin options help you develop and deliver the benefit program that is right for your clients, including Employee Education, Recruiting and Retention, Unique Adjudication Protocol, Strategic Bill Review and Subrogation Services.



Simplify Benefits

SISCO's administrative support service helps simplify the benefits process for you and your clients while creating a one-stop shop experience for covered members. Services include a Licensed Call Center and Online Portal, Full Suite of Ancillary Benefits, Dependent Eligibility Audits and COBRA Administration.



Savings Beyond Network Discounts


As a privately held, independent TPA, SISCO's expertise aligns with the employer, not the network, RBP re-pricer, medical provider, PBM, or carrier. Our flexibility combined with size and scale is able to deliver 9 - 12% savings beyond network discount. Plus, our quality and attention to detail shows through an annual SOC 1 Audit that places SISCO in the top 5% of TPAs nationally. 


With proprietary solutions for highly complex challenges, SISCO can support your clients. Whether small groups, low participation or virgin groups, variable hour employers, and more, SISCO's suite of services delivers results along with industry-leading technology and reporting.  




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5 Reasons Why SISCO is Your Partner for Client Health Benefits


Deliver the benefit programs your clients need. Download this free summary to learn more.



SISCO Connect


Industry Leading Technology & Reporting


SISCO Connect is a customized web portal designed specifically for your client's health plan. It provides Plan Administrators and Participants with simple, secure access to health plan information. SISCO Connect includes: 


Web Development


A dedicated webpage for your clients, complete with a company logo and the unique features of your client’s benefits plan




Immediate access to add or update eligibility data for participants, along with secure access to participant records


Report Distribution


Allows the Plan Administrator electronic access to view and print reports and invoices for your group



Document Library


A library of forms, handbooks, and Plan documents unique to your Health Plan – you control the content






SISCO has helped direct our passion for our health plan in ways that are refreshing and culturally contagious. Partnering with SISCO, we feel confident in our programs.