Cost Management


SISCO clients enjoy 17% lower total costs than the industry benchmark. The difference is the SISCO experience.





Cost Management


The professionals at SISCO use a variety of tools and services to manage the cost of your benefit plans and medical claims. Through these cost management services, SISCO clients enjoy total costs that are 17% lower than the industry benchmark.




Strategic Bill Review


Medical bill review is at the heart of reducing the cost of claims. SISCO offers a strategic bill review process that focuses on the amount you are asked to pay, not the discount.


SISCO's Approach:


Audits & Negotiations

SISCO identifies errors and excessive charges by auditing 100% of bills over $15,000 for medical necessity, billing accuracy, and reasonableness. One out of eleven bills include error or excessive payment demands.


Out-of-Network Claims

Out-of-network claims can be a significant cost driver. SISCO examines all claims to ensure they are medically necessary and billed appropriately. If your plan isn't billed correctly and reasonably, you could be paying for more services than you should be.



Free Case Study





Free Case Study


SISCO’s Critical Review & Personal Attention Saved A Client $12.2 Million!


SISCO's comprehensive expert adjudication approach focuses on critical review and personal attention that can lead to substantial cost savings. Download this case study to see how SISCO saved this client $12.2 million dollars in 4 years!

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At SISCO, we provide expert internal subrogation, very different to the industry trend of outsourcing recovery to law firms. We also offer subrogation staff as an integrated component of our claims management service.


SISCO's subrogation savings are 308% of the industry benchmark.


Eligibility Audits



Eligibility Audits



SISCO Eligibility Audits identify ineligible dependents and reduce overall costs. SISCO combines leading-edge technology with precise attention to detail to provide a solution to the complex task of auditing and verifying dependent eligibility. Our enrollment professionals work directly with participants to reduce HR workload and ask the hard questions that are absolutely critical for eligibility determinations. On average, 4-8% of dependent spouses & children on employer sponsored benefit plans are not eligible for the medical benefits they receive.


Why conduct an Eligibility Audit?


Cost Control


Identify ineligible dependents that should not be covered under the plan and save money


Peace of Mind


An added benefit allowing employees to verify their coverage is confirmed and valid




Satisfying the fiduciary and compliance responsibilities on the plan by ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley



SISCO Case Study


Healthcare Provider Saves Over $1.8 Million Annually


SISCO's Eligibility Audits help reduce costs by identifying people who do not qualify for your plan's coverage. Check out this case study to see how SISCO helped a nationally recognized healthcare provider cut healthcare costs while keeping employees happy.


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SISCO manages our benefits so we can focus on managing our business. They help us control costs and simplify the benefit process.