Integrated Services

Maximize the value of your employee benefits with integrated services that support your employees and plan.


Integrated Services


SISCO is a third-party benefit administration firm dedicated to helping clients and their employees maximize the value of their employee benefits. Through our integrated services, SISCO is able to offer a one-stop-shop for employers and members, Learn more about our integrated suite of services below.



SISCO Connect







SISCO Connect


SISCO Connect is a customized web-page designed specifically for your health plan. SISCO relies on SISCO Connect to deliver important benefit information to Brokers, Providers, Plan Administrators, and Covered Members.


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Benefit Enrollment


SISCO's technology solutions and administrative support helps simplify the benefit enrollment process and create a one-stop shop experience for employers and employees. Members get the support they need to understand eligibility requirements, benefit options and more, making the benefit enrollment process a better experience.


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Medical Management


The majority of TPA services outsource their medical management and therefore minimize the interaction between employees and nurse. Through our integration with HealthCheck360, SISCO takes a more active approach to medical management with a service model that benefits all.


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Health & Wellness Services


HealthCheck360 is our health & wellness provider and a leader in providing performance-based wellness solutions. HealthCheck360 stands out from the crowd by delivering services that improve health and productivity while lowering the cost of health insurance.


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