Eligibility Audits

SISCO Eligibility Audits identify ineligible dependents and reduce overall costs. SISCO combines leading-edge technology with precise attention to detail to provide a solution to the complex task of auditing and verifying dependent eligibility. Our enrollment professionals interface directly with participants to reduce HR workload and ask the hard questions that are absolutely critical for eligibility determinations.

Why conduct an Eligibility Audit?

  • Cost Control – Identify ineligible dependents and save money
  • Peace of Mind  SISCO delivers the audit as an added benefit allowing employees to verify their coverage is confirmed and valid
  • Compliance – Employers benefit from an audit as a means of satisfying the fiduciary and compliance responsibilities imposed on the Plan by ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley

On average, 5-15% of dependent spouses & children on employer sponsored benefit plans are not eligible for the medical benefits they receive.