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[Download] COVID-19 Relief Action Guide: What Employers Should Be Doing Right Now

Written by SISCO

The recently signed COVID-19 relief bill has a lot more in it than just stimulus checks. SISCO put together a helpful Employer Action Guide with what you should be doing right now. 

Recently, the $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus relief was signed into law. The bill includes several provisions that will significantly impact employee benefits plans. Some of it is the responsibility of the carrier or TPA, some is the responsibility of the broker, and some requires action on the employers part.

To find out what you and your company should be doing right now, in the coming months, and further into 2021, access a short summary of some of the key provisions. This guide includes:

  • Information on the restrictions on “surprise medical bills”
  • New plan and health cost reporting rules
  • Details about additional flexibility for participants of health flexible spending accounts
  • And more

 Download this Employer Action Guide now to learn more.



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