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Turning Challenges into Solutions with EmployerAdvantage

Written by SISCO

If onboarding and benefits compliance is taking over most of your day-to-day priorities, you’re missing an opportunity to automate your program, at no cost to you. Let SISCO and our benefits administration partner do the heavy lifting for you, while helping your members reap the full potential of their benefits.

The Program

EmployerAdvantage is a self-funded benefits program for companies with variable hour employees. Employers in the staffing, entertainment, hospitality, last-mile delivery, and manufacturing industries have all benefited from this unique program. EmployerAdvantage is designed for companies that face unique challenges like high turnover, short employment contracts, and droves of temporary employees. For most organizations, the best solution to overcome these roadblocks is outsourcing their benefits administration to experts; that’s where EmployerAdvantage comes in. A strategic partnership between BenefitElect and SISCO brings together experts in self-funding, helping companies achieve maximum benefits with minimum costs.


The Advantage

EmployerAdvantage is more than a name, it’s reality. Employers in the program have access to expertise and cost-saving tools. While some indemnity, ancillary, and MEC level plans have been available with weekly coverage options, EmployerAdvantage marks the first time an employer can access a true, weekly benefits package. The program offers 100% coverage, which allows all employees affordable, weekly coverage. SISCO applies our administration expertise to monitor week-to-week changes in eligibility. That kind of flexibility is no easy task, but it’s the flexibility our clients have come to expect.

The advantages don’t stop at expertise and flexibility. EmployerAdvantage offers revenue sharing for employers. Each year, the unused premiums from the group go back to the employer to apply to other related benefits, creating one of the biggest advantages of self-funding over fully-insured.

The advantage of the program is evident from the start through EmployerAdvantage’s unique onboarding experience. Employee enrollment is done quickly and easily online. Communication through the onboarding process is improved through the ability to text, email, or call employees.

EmployerAdvantage also comes with a full suite of ancillary benefits made available through SISCO. Our team works diligently to ensure the best savings for your plan by employing our adjudication and subrogation services. With SISCO, your employees not only get great benefits, but the plan gets huge savings.


The EmployerAdvantage program:

  1. Guarantees full ACA compliance by proving offers of coverage to 100% of eligible employees.  
  2. Manages costs by operating at minimal employer expense and making any underwriting profits that would normally go to an insurer's surplus account readily available to the employer.
  3. Reduces administrative workloads by directly managing coverage and employee benefits plans.
  4. Boosts talent acquisition and employee retention by tailoring benefits plans to the needs of each employee. By offering plans that meet the individual requirements of employees, employers can improve hiring, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce attrition.  


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